Breast implant

Breast implant

What is a Breast implant? Breast implant surgery Are Breast prosthesis in Iran safe now? What are the Breast implant types? What are the advantages of breast prostheses? Who are the best candidates for breast prostheses? If you want to know the answers to these questions, stay with us until the end of this issue.

The beauty of the body is an important issue for men and women these days. Breasts are very important in women’s body and their beauty; because of that women need to get good shape to their breasts with sports or other methods such as beauty surgery.

One of the newest methods for this aim that needs surgery operation is a breast implant and we want to check this method in bellowing parts.

What is a Breast implant?

A breast implant is known as a breast prosthesis too; it is a circle-shaped silicon that is filled with gel. They are placed under the breast tissue to create a better appearance in the chest and remove their defects. Nowadays, this method is used too much and It has been welcomed by women and beauty doctors. Because of that too many beauty centers in Iran do Breast implant surgery for applicants.

Are Breast implants safe now?

One of the most important questions about breast implant surgery is whether it is safe or not. In the answer to this question, we should say that breast prostheses are safe and their results are good and satisfactory; because of that, surgeons use this method for people in different situations or sicknesses. Therefore if you need to use this kind of surgery you can use that under the supervision of a skilled and expert surgeon.

What are the Breast implant types?

We deal with different Breast implant types and they are known as follows:

Implant fillers: silicone or saline

Silicone and saline are two different materials that are used for filling implants. Silicone implants are more natural than saline ones. Because of that doctors use them for women who want to have natural breasts.

Implant coverage: smooth, textured, and polyurethane

Some of the breast prostheses are smooth and have porosity but some others are textured.on the other hand, some of the prosthesis coverage materials are polyurethane and they are more used for special diseases.

Implant shape: round or anatomical

implants are made with round or anatomical shapes. Anatomical prostheses are more natural than round ones and women can use each of them due to their favorites.

Implant size: big, small, medium

In the end, we can describe breast prostheses as big, small, and medium size. It is necessary to mention that implants range from 125 up to 700 cc. the most common range of them is 400cc implants and they get a good size to the breasts.

What are the advantages of breast prostheses?

Breast prostheses has many advantages and we can define them as follows:

  • Get a better shape body
  • Remove breast defects
  • Get more self-confidence to women
  • Preserve the body’s anatomy
  • And more
Breast implant
Breast implant

Who are the best candidates for breast prostheses?

Women with the following situations are known as the best candidates for this method:

  • Women with too many small breasts
  • Women who suffer from small breasts
  • Women who aren’t satisfied with their body anatomy
  • Women who have sagging breasts
  • Women who need to increase their body beauty
  • Women who don’t like doing sports
  • And more

Breast implants price

Breast implant prices are very important for women and it is influence their decisions. It is important to mention that Its price depends on various issues  and these factors are as follows:

  • The type of implants
  • The size of implants
  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Beauty clinics and their kinds of equipment
  • Women situations
  • City and town
  • Ad more

Breast implant side effects

All kinds of surgery can have side effects for people and breast surgery is the same too. But you should know that if you use the experience of the best doctors and surgeons, no side effects exist for you in this way.

Therefore doctors and surgeons are the main reason for breast prostheses surgery side effects.

Final words About Breast implant

The use of Breast implants is very common in our society and too many women use this method every year in Iran or other countries of the world. If you want to use this method in Iran you can choose TWINDOCTOR services and benefit from breast prostheses. For more information please contact us.

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