Breast implant cost

Breast implant cost

What is a Breast implant? How much does a Breast implant cost? What are the effective factors on Breast implant cost? Stay with us to the end parts of this issue.

Breasts are very effective in body shape and women pay so much attention to them. But sometimes because of different factors, they get in bad shape. For example: sudden weight loss or weight gain, Pregnancy and childbirth, and breastfeeding the baby are some of the effective factors on the shape of the breasts.

When this problem happens and the shape of the breasts is messed up, a breast implant can help the woman.

Using this method in Iran is very common and because of that getting information about the price of this method is very important for women.

What is a breast implant?

Breast implant is a common way of shaping the breast. This method is known as breast prosthesis too. In this method, some special and medical prostheses are used and they are placed under the breast tissue. Therefore, breasts become voluminous and shapely.

Breast implant cost

Breast implant cost is expensive but some different factors are effective on the price of breast prostheses. Despite all these issues, you should consider a significant amount for this purpose. In the following section, we discuss these factors for you.

Breast implant cost in Iran

Breast prosthesis in Iran are more affordable than in other countries.

Because of that every year so many women come to Iran from other countries to do breast implant surgery in Iran. It is necessary to mention that the best surgeons and doctors are active in this context and the best types of equipment and raw materials are used too.

Breast implant cost
Breast implant cost

What are the effective factors on Breast implant cost?

Some of the most important factors in breast implant costs are as follows:

Type of breast prosthesis

Prostheses that are used for breasts are different. They are known as Saline and silicone prostheses and their price are different. In other words, silicone prostheses are more expensive than saline.

Therefore, each women who want to use silicone prostheses should pay more money.

Prostheses size

Breast implants are different in size too; the best size of these prostheses are 80 to 85; but women can use other sizes according to their desires.

Then, the bigger the breast prostheses, the more expensive they are.


Surgeons’ and doctors’ salaries are different; usually, the best and more expert doctors have a higher salary for breast implants. Because of that, if you choose the best surgeons in Iran you need to pay more money. But notice that the result of breast implants in this situation is better for you.


Another effective factor in breast implant cost is clinic. Clinics can cause an increase or decrease in the expenses; because they use different equipment and tools for breast implants. Moreover, the place where they are located is important too. For these reasons, we can say that clinics are effective on breast implant costs.

Final words

Breast lift cost in Iran is more affordable than in other countries and you can use the services of the best beauty clinics for breast implants in Iran.

Twindoctor Clinic is one of the best complexes in Iran and you can use its services. If you want to get more information about this clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the listed numbers on the website.

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