Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery or brachioplasty is performed to give shape to the upper part of the arms, to stretch the loose skin and to remove the excess fat that has caused the formation of “bat wings” under the skin and to slim the arms. In some cases, the operation Liposuction is also used together with arm lift surgery to achieve better results. Every year, thousands of people successfully perform arm lift surgery and other non-invasive procedures to beautify the arm, and they are completely satisfied with the results.

Improving appearance with arm lifting (arm skin pulling)
Weight fluctuation, aging or even hereditary factors can cause the skin of the arm to sag and create a wrinkled appearance. Exercising can increase the strength and improve the basic strength of the arm muscles, but it cannot collect the excess skin that has lost its elasticity or remove the weak background tissue and local accumulation of fat.
If the lower part of your arm is sagging due to excess skin or fat and looks loose and wrinkled, arm lifting can be right for you.

Arm lift operation
*Reduces excess skin and fat from armpit to elbow.
*It changes the shape of the arm by smoothing the skin and wrinkles.
*It will lead to a consistent and appropriate appearance.