bbl cost

bbl cost

How much is Bbl cost? How does BBL cost in Iran compared with other countries? What are the effective factors on Bbl cost?

Bbl known as the Brazilian butt lift and is a surgical method that gets better shape to the butt. In this method, some extra fat removes from other parts of the applicant’s body and then these fats injecting into the butt and make a better shape. Therefore, with this method extra fats of the body are removed and the hips become more voluminous.

Nowadays, this method is used all over the world and is a widespread cosmetic Surgery. Because of that, getting information about BBL costs is an important issue for women.

How much is Bbl cost?

BBL is an expensive method and people need a lot of money to use that. But you should notice that the costs of this method aren’t the same in different situations. Then, each applicant should pay the price according to her condition.

bbl cost
bbl cost

Bbl cost in Iran compared with other countries

One of the important issues about Bbl cost that we should notice is the differences of that in Iran and other countries. The price of a Brazilian butt lift in Iran is more affordable than other countries and people can use this method in Iran with less budget.

Because of that every year so many people come to Iran from other countries to do BBL surgery.

What are the effective factors on Bbl cost

We are dealing with some effective factors on Bbl cost that cause an increase or decrease in the costs. Some of the most important of them are as follows:

The amount of fat that is removed from the body

The amount of fat that is removed from the body is very important; because the more fat is removed from the body, the more thinness is achieved in the desired organ and the time of the surgery increases too.

The amount of fat that injecting into the butt

On the other hand, the amount of fat that inject into the butt is important in the costs too. Because the more fat is injected into the buttocks, the bigger it gets. Then if you need a bigger butt you should pay a little more money too.

City or country

Bbl cost depends on the city or country as we mentioned in the upper parts. The cost of this method in Iran is more affordable than in other countries. Moreover, Brazilian butt lift in Tehran is more expensive than

Other cities of Iran. Then you should notice these issues for using Bbl.


Sergouns have different skills and amount of experience and these issues are effective on the results of Bbl. Because of that, doctors that known as the most experienced ones get more money for a Brazilian butt lift.


In the end, clinics are effective on the costs too. Because they present different kinds of tools, services, or equipment to applicants. Then the more they complicated the more money they receive too.

Final words

Bbl cost is a very important issue for applicants and it is represented in Iran with the best situations. Twindoctor is one of the best clinics in Iran and you can benefit from its services and do Bbl surgery.

If you want to do this and need more information you can contact us at Twindoctor clinic.

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