breast lift

breast lift

What do you know about breast lift or Back lift ? are you familiar with non-surgical breast lifts And BBL ? Where is best lipomatic in iran?  if you want to know more about this method, stay with us until the end parts of this issue.

Breast sagging is a common problem among women and so many women suffer from that;  Breast sagging causes the chest angle to be disturbed. But these days women can use some different methods to fix this problem. Breast lift is one of the most important methods in this way and has good results for women who suffer from breast sagging.

We want to describe this method in the following parts.

What is Breast lift

Breast lifting is a surgical procedure known as mastopexy too. In This method, the surgeon removes excess skin to raise the breast and make a better shape to that. Therefore, breast sagging is removed, and the angle of the chest is corrected.

Breast lift surgery is also performed in Iran and you can use this method in the best clinics and with the experts of the best surgeons.

What is a non-surgical breast lift

If you want to do a breast lifting but don’t want to do surgery, we suggest a non-surgical breast lift to you; in this method, no surgery is needed and all the operation is done with local anesthesia.

breast lift
breast lift

Non-surgical breast lifts have some different types and these methods are as follows

  • lift with thread
  • Caci lift
  • lift with laser
  • lift by Thermage method
  • VBL lift
  • lift with botox
  • lift by G plasma method

What is Breast lift with thread

Breast lift with thread is one of the most common ways of lifting breasts. This method is used in Iran too much. In this method, some special and medical threads are used. These threads send under the skin and then with the help of them, the breasts lift.

This method doesn’t cause any pain or bleeding; moreover, the care after lift with thread is easy and short.

What are the advantages of breast lift?

Lifting the breast has so many advantages and some of them are as follows:

  • Lifting the breast
  • Removing excess skin
  • get a better shape of the breast and body
  • The nipple is directed higher
  • Self-confidence increase
  • The results of this method are permanent
  • And more

Who are the best candidates for lift?

If you want to lift the breast, you should be the best candidate for that; the best candidates for this method are people as follows:

  • Women who have hanging breast
  • Women who have loose breast
  • Women who finished the pregnancy period
  • Women who finished the breastfeeding period
  • Women who don’t want to become pregnant
  • Women who have small breast
  • Those who are in the good ages
  • And more

Breast lift price

One of the most important issues about mastopexy is the price of that.

You should know that the price of breast lift depends on different factors, and some of the most important of them are as follows:

  • Mastopexy method that is used for each person
  • The beauty clinics
  • The surgeons and their experts
  • City and town
  • The quality of the first equipments
  • And more

Final words

Arm lift is one of the best methods for women who suffer from hanging breasts. Therefore, if you are one of these women you can use mastopexy with its different methods at TWINDOCTOR clinic.

If you need more information about this issue, please get in touch with us with the phone numbers. We are waiting for your call. It is necessary to mention that we work with the best doctors in this complex.

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