Breast prosthesis in Iran

Breast prosthesis in Iran

Do you want to get information about a Breast prosthesis in Iran? If you need breast implants and you want to use this method, stay with us until the end parts of this issue.

We are face to face with so many women in our country who are not satisfied with their breast shape and model. In other words, so many women like to have the bigger breasts with the better shape. These kinds of women can use different methods to deal with this problem.

One of these methods is called breast prosthesis or breast implant and is very popular in Iran.

What is a breast prosthesis?

Breast prostheses are a kind of special medical material that is used for breast enhancement; these special medical materials insert the breast under full surgery; therefore people using this method should experience anesthesia.

Breast prostheses are very compatible with human bodies and don’t cause problems after surgery. By this method, women can have bigger, better shapes and more lifted breasts, and their bodies become more beautiful too.

Breast prosthesis in Iran

Breast prosthesis in Iran

Every year too many women use a  prosthesis; moreover, so many women come to Iran from other countries, to use breast implant surgery. In Iran, breast implant is done very well, have affordable costs, and are done by the best doctors too.

types of breast prosthesis in Iran

in Iran, we have some different breast prostheses and these are as follows:

Saline prostheses

Saline prostheses are made of water and salt and have a rigid wall. These kinds of prostheses give an artificial appearance to the breasts and make them big. Because of that usually, some women use these kinds of breast prostheses in Iran that want to have big breasts.

Silicone prostheses

Another type of breast prosthesis is made of silicone. Silicone prostheses are very natural and they create a natural appearance in the breast tissue; because of that this kind of prosthesis is very useful for women who want to have a natural breast shape.

advantages of breast prosthesis

Using a  prosthesis in Iran has very advantages; some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Get a better body shape
  • Get a better breast shape
  • Get a better body anatomy
  • Removal of body defects
  • Make breasts lift
  • Don’t have any complications
  • Its results are not lost
  • Can change the breast size and model by this method
  • And more

who are the best candidates for breast prosthesis surgery in Iran?

Some women are known as the best candidates for breast implants in Iran; these women are featured in the following:

  • Women who suffer from breast cancer
  • Women who have lost their breast tissue
  • Women who have so small breast
  • Women who need bigger breast
  • Women who need to lift breast
  • Women who aren’t satisfied with their breast shape
  • Women who want to have more beautiful body shape
  • Women who have given birth
  • And more

Breast prosthesis costs in Iran

Breast prosthesis surgery costs in Iran are more affordable than in other countries of the world; this method is done by the best doctors and with the newest surgery equipment. Therefore, if you live in another country and you want to use this method with the best costs, we offer to you that come to Iran and use  prosthesis surgery in Iran.

We should mention that the costs of breast prosthesis in Iran depend on some different factors and these factors are as follows

  • Doctors and surgery team
  • Beauty clinics and the types of equipment that they use
  • The kind of breast prosthesis
  • Town and city
  • The volume of the prosthesis
  • Recovery period
  • And more

Final words

Breast prosthesis in Iran is a good method for your dear women who need better-shaped breasts and bodies; if you want to use this method you can benefit from Twindoctor services and get the best results of this method. For more information about out services contact us.

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