BBL in iran

What do you know about BBL and arm lift ? Do you know what is bbl? If you want to get more information about this method, please stay with us until the end parts of this issue.

Butt shape affects body shape and because of that women need to have a good shape butt. Fortunately, some new methods exist for this aim and women or even men can use this new method to shape their butts.

One of the most common ways that people use in our country is BBL and we check this method on the other parts of this issue.

What is Bbl?

BBL and lipomatic is a new and good method that use for shaping the butt. This method is known as the Brazilian butt lift or hip lift too. This method is done under full anesthesia and needs full surgery. Therefore, people should benefit from the best surgeons or doctors in this way. BBL surgery takes a little time and will be finished soon.

What happens in BBL surgery?

Doctors for BBL surgery use full anesthesia first and after that extra fat from the applicant’s body is removed and then they are injected into the desired areas of the butt. By doing this operation butt gets better shape and an hourglass shape is created in the body.

BBL in iran
BBL in iran

What are the advantages of Brazilian butt lift?

The most important benefits of this method are known as follows:

  • Increase the beauty of the body
  • Increase self-confidence of people
  • Removing extra fats from the body
  • Get better shape to the butt
  • Get better anatomy to the body
  • Decrease the size of the body
  • And more

Who are the best candidates for BBL?

The best candidates for BBl are persons who have extra fats on different parts of the body and need to have a bigger butt too. In this situation, people can use BBL surgery and benefit from its advantages.

Other persons who know the best candidates for this method are as follows:

  • People who have a small butt
  • People who need to increase the beauty of the body
  • People who like a Brazilian butt
  • People who have too much extra fats
  • People who have little extra fats
  • And more

What are the cares after BBL?

Every person that does Brazilian butt lift surgery enters a recovery period and should take care in this time to get better soon. Some of the most important cares after this surgery are as:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks
  • Get rest
  • Avoid sports
  • Avoid taking heavy things
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Taking prescribed medications
  • And more

How much is the Brazilian butt lift cost?

One important factor about the Brazilian butt lift is its cost. We should notice that the cost of this surgery in Iran is very affordable and people can use that with low expense, but on the other hand, we should notice that the expenses of BBl depend on some factors as follows:

  • The amount of fat that is removed from the body
  • The size of the butt that each person wants to have
  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Beauty clinics
  • People situations
  • Town and city
  • And more

End words

BBL surgery  and abdominoplasty is one of the most popular methods that women use in Iran. If you want to use this method you can benefit from that in Twindotor clinic. If you need more information please contact us at the phone numbers on the site.

It is necessary to mention that TWINDOCTOR co-works with the best Iranian doctors and has a very good situation for you.

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