Pexy prosthesis or lift and breast prosthesis

As women age, breasts lose their elasticity. That can cause your breasts to sag and sag, especially if you gain or lose weight. In addition to raising the breasts, the pexy prosthesis makes them look rounder.

In breast augmentation or when you have implants, an implant is surgically placed behind each of your breasts. Prostheses are either behind the chest muscles or placed behind the breast tissue. Implants alone cannot fix sagging breasts.Breast lift with implants, in addition to raising the breast, makes it look rounder and increases the size of the breast.

What is a pexy prosthesis?

Breast lift with implants combines two surgeries in one.A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is when a plastic surgeon lifts the skin and tissue of the breasts and changes its shape to make the breasts appear rounder and firmer. In the implant, a silicone or saline prosthesis is used to increase the breast size.In pexy prosthesis surgery, not only the breasts are lifted, but the size will also increase.