Mastopexy – breast lift in Iran is our main subject in this issue. If you need to get more information about this subject stay with us until the end parts.

Having a beautiful body is an important issue for each person; sports and diet are the most common ways to have a beautiful body but these days people can use so many surgeries and new methods for this aim.

Mastopexy, Mammoplasty, breast prosthesis, and … are the most common surgeries for women that are used for shaping the breast. In the other parts, we explain more about Mastopexy – breast lift in Iran. Then, if you want to have a beautiful body or breasts stay with us until the end parts.

What is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy is a common method that gives a better shape to the breast. Mastopexy is known as breast lift too and so many women in Iran or other countries use this method; because the results of mastopexy are very good.

Mastopexy is done with anesthesia and needs surgery; therefore this method is known as an invasive procedure. In Mastopexy, the breasts are directed upwards and their extra skin is removed. By doing this operation breast gets a better shape.

Mastopexy – breast lift in Iran

As we mentioned in the upper parts, Mastopexy – breast lift in Iran is very common; this method is done by the best Iranian surgeons and doctors and has the best results too.

Applicants for breast lift in Iran are not just Iranian women, rather foreign persons come to Iran every year to use this method under the supervision of Iranian doctors; because Iranian surgeons and doctors are very famous in the world and on the other hand, mastopexy costs in Iran is very affordable too.


What are the advantages of breast lift in Iran?

Mastopexy- breast lift in Iran have so many advantages and some of the most important of them are known as follows:

  • Help women to have a better shape body
  • It preserves the anatomy of the body
  • Breast tissue defects are removed
  • The size of the breast decrease
  • The results of this method are permanent
  • This method has no side effects
  • And more

Who are the best candidates for Mastopexy in Iran?

Mastopexy- breast lift in Iran are a suitable method for women who have the bellow situations:

  • Women who suffer from the size of the breast
  • Women who have droopy breasts
  • Women who have given birth
  • Women who have finished breastfeeding
  • And more

What are the cares after Mastopexy?

Every woman who uses breast lift in Iran should take care after this method and spend the recovery period; some of the most important cares after this method are as follows:

  • Avoid sports
  • Get enough rest
  • Regular use of medications prescribed by the doctor
  • Consuming healthy and nutritious foods
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Wound care
  • Avoid raising your hands
  • Sleeping on the back
  • Use special underwear
  • And more

How much does a breast lift cost in Iran?

Mastopexy costs in Iran are very affordable and women can use this method and benefit from that with the lowest costs. It is necessary to mention that the cost of a breast lift in Iran is much better than in other countries and it is about 60 less than in other countries.

But you should mention that the costs of this method depend on some different factors and these factors are known as follows:

  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Surgery teams
  • Beauty centers
  • Equipemnts and tools
  • The status of women and their conditions
  • Town and city
  • And more

Final words

Mastopexy- breast lift in Iran is a very good method for women who have sagging breasts. If you want to use this method and benefit from that it is better to choose the best beauty centers. For this reason, you can choose TWINDOCTOR complex. This beauty center co-works with the best doctors and presents the best services for you. For more information about this method you can contact us on TWINDOCTOR.

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