Facial Fat Injection

Fat injection into the face is done in order to give volume and rejuvenate the face. Fat injection is the transfer of fat cells from parts of the body that have more fat, such as the abdomen and the side of the thigh, and transferring them to the face to correct the defects on the face.

The most important applications of fat injection in the face

facial rejuvenation

With age, changes occur in the facial tissue, the most important of which is atrophy and reduction in the volume of soft facial tissue, which causes changes in the shape of the face; Such as depressions in the cheeks, hollows around the eyes, depressions in the temples and eyebrows, and wrinkles around the lips and chin. If we compensate for this lack of soft tissue with fat injection, we can restore youth and freshness to the face.

Give volume to the face

In some people, even in their youth, depression and local emaciation in the face in the form of emaciation in the cheek or in the area of the middle part of the face or in the area of the lips may exist unilaterally or bilaterally. If these people undergo facial fat injection, their facial defects will be corrected to a great extent.

Correction of sunken scars

Scars caused by pimples or due to wounds or scars can be corrected to a large extent with subcutaneous fat injection.