Face Lift

Types of face lift

Full face lift

This type of face lift covers many areas of the face. During this process, the cosmetic surgeon removes deep wrinkles under the eyes, sagging around the cheeks, lines around the lips, excess skin and fat under the chin, puffiness, and more. A complete lift is usually used to remove deep wrinkles caused by aging; Therefore, this method is very popular among people between 50 and 60 years old.

Lift in the upper part of the forehead

This process is suitable for people who want to remove forehead wrinkles, lines around the eyebrows and the upper part of the eyes. Also, forehead lift is effective for drooping eyebrows and eyelids

Middle face lift

During this process of face lift, the cosmetic surgeon can tighten the tissues under the eyes and around the cheeks through lifting. This type of lift is only used to correct and restore some signs of aging and is often performed among men and women in their 30s and 40s who are looking for a youthful appearance.

Lift in the lower area of the chin

As its name suggests, the purpose of this method is to treat the effects of aging on the last third of the face. This process is very suitable for removing puffiness, deep wrinkles around the lips and nose, lifting the drooping corners of the mouth and lifting the jaw. This process is suitable for people of any age, who want a beautiful and youthful appearance.